Citizens of Shadow: A Vampire Tale, in which Vauquelin’s story continues. A queer dark fantasy of vampires, time travel, and sinister secrets that threaten to unravel an eternal existence. (expected June 2023). Click above to add on Goodreads.

Citizens of Shadow

(Beguiled by Night Book Two)


“A feast of Gothic delight”

Can an immortal ever truly learn the hidden costs of tampering with fate?

In Beguiled by Night Vauquelin, an ancient, queer vampire living in present-day Los Angeles, finds his time unwinding like a spool of dirty thread… til he’s re-deposited into seventeenth century France. He seizes the chance for redemption.

In this sequel, Citizens of Shadow, Vauquelin grapples with the grim realisation that his blood-soaked past is a delicate filigree — impossible to replicate without flaws. Each moment squandered is a haunting apparition, a reminder of the fleeting nature of time. On the verge of executing a plan to grasp some semblance of security, a chance encounter pulverises Vauquelin’s dubious theories into dust.

Confronted with the ephemeral nature of happiness, Vauquelin finds himself paralysed by fear. Unlike the cold embrace of Death, which offers a finality he has grown accustomed to, happiness tantalises him with its fleeting brilliance: its transient nature is a perpetual harbinger of impending loss. Even so, in a moment of desperation, he dares to defy his unreliable timelines — and offers an historic proposal that, if accepted, will alter the course of two lives for eternity.

In this precarious dance between hope and despair, Vauquelin confronts the immutable truth that happiness, like a fragile bloom in the dead of night, may wither all too soon. Eternity casts a punishing shadow over his every fleeting moment of joy. Still, in the depths of his immortal soul, he yearns for a reprieve — however brief — from the unyielding grip of time.

What glory might unfold when you open your heart to what else is to come … and what rewards will you reap when you embrace your authentic self?

Centuries of upheaval and cruel uncertainty have wrought havoc on the vampire’s spirit. At this critical juncture in his immortal existence he is faced with a profound decision: whether to succumb at last to the shadows of despair, or to muster the courage to wage a relentless battle… in defence of the unexpected beacon of love that illuminates his path.

NOTE: Vauquelin’s story continues in A Conclave of Crimson: the joining of the Beguiled by Night series with Beverley Lee’s Gabriel Davenport trilogy. More vampires are waiting in the shadows, yearning to burrow into your heart…

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For non-French speakers, I have compiled audio pronunciation tracks for the main characters and locales in Beguiled by Night and Citizens of Shadow.

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The vampire Vauquelin has been alive for centuries. As you might imagine, his taste in music can be quite bizarre. Listen along on Spotify for a moody accompaniment to Beguiled by Night. If, like Vauquelin, you love classical music, jazz, darkwave, and goth, you’ll love this soundtrack (and the books).



In CITIZENS OF SHADOW we see Vauquelin return to rebuild his future. But the course of a life never runs smoothly, not even for a citizen of the night. But this is no ordinary vampire tale (readers of the first in the series, BEGUILED BY NIGHT, already know this).

Vauquelin’s layers are unpeeled until we see the very bloody essence of him; his vulnerability and loneliness, his search for that certain *something*, his desperate need to unpick his mistakes and rewrite his choices, his discovery of self in the throes of chaos. He isn’t perfect, and therefore lies his appeal. You empathise with the situations he finds himself in, even though you know he is a killer, and you still can’t help routing for his happiness.

The writing in this is nothing short of magical. Nicole Eigener wields her words as masterfully as a surgeon wields a scalpel, laying down emotion and turmoil and the true sense of gothic in a way that is rarely seen. And the historian in Eigener is clearly very much on show – the reader is transported back in time, into the blood-soaked depths of France, into Los Angeles before it became what it is now.

Sublime prose. Lush descriptions. Unapologetically queer. Beautifully sensual. Devastating outcomes.

And what does Vauquelin discover at the end of his journey? That’s for you to find out. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee that you will shed a few tears. And I guarantee that this story will burrow into your heart and stay there.

author of The Gabriel Davenport Trilogy, The SUm of Your Flesh, The House of Little Bones, The Ruin of Delicate Things

Vauquelin is back! One of my absolute favorite vampires is back in this sequel to Beguiled By Night and he is everything I missed and more. CITIZENS OF SHADOW takes the characters and world we know from its predecessor and exponentially adds more richness to every aspect. The writing is so luscious and vivid. There’s intrigue and passion and betrayal. It is gothic MAGIC! I found myself laughing at all the jokes and sassy comments, engaged in any conflict, and both starstruck and captivated by the love story underneath it all. Move over Count Dracula, Lord Ruthven, and Lestat de Lioncourt… there’s a new sensation in town!


A glimmering, gothic jewel of a novel, replete with decadent sensuality, intrigue, and romance. Eigener has outdone herself with this richly drawn exploration of a vampire’s all-too-human heart. Incandescent and unforgettable.

That’s the blurb, but oh, my heart! Citizens of Shadow is a magnificently dark, queer-positive vampire romance that chills and delights in equal measure. So atmospheric, smart, and glamorous. Vauquelin’s return is a triumph! 

author of Parting the Veil, The Witch of Tin Mountain,and The Devil and Mrs. Davenport

I have to say that I hadn’t expected the direction of the second book to go the way it went. It’s a smack to the face (to say the least) when you realize that everything Vauquelin fought for in the first book is rendered useless by his love’s reaction to her own immortality. From there springs Eigener’s sequel, and it’s everything you would expect from her.

The book is lush, lavish, resplendent. The prose is rich, sensuous, and violent. The main character remains as torn by his inner turmoil as ever. Themes of finding yourself and accepting yourself take the spotlight, and Eigener’s voice demands that every step of the way is validated by the realization of self and self-worth and finally acceptance.

I enjoyed it immensely. The world Nicole has created is Gothic in overtone, the decadence of the main character overlapping all of his experiences. You’ll want to add this to your collection.

author of The Sadeiest