The Citizens of Shadow playlist is now live!

Music has always been a crucial component of my life, and it bled right into my writing process. I listen to music almost constantly when I’m writing and editing: it helps keep me in the sacred space of the story.

When I began writing Beguiled by Night, I naturally started a Spotify playlist (originally just for myself), but as the story began to unfold and the track list grew, I began to realise that the songs and pieces were as multi-faceted as Vauquelin’s improbable timeline, and I thought others might enjoy it too. I released it when I released the book. It’s a weird playlist: there’s a span of 380+ years of music, from early baroque to jazz to death rock. And for Vauquelin, an ancient, music-loving vampire who experiences a time-slip and begins to go backward in time — not forward — the loss of his futurepast music stings.

We take it for granted that, with the vast technology available today, we can listen to practically anything we like — from any era, country, or genre — with the tap of a finger. Imagine, as a music lover, if that technology began to melt away from you, that it grew more and more untouchable. This is what happened to Vauquelin.

I wasn’t sure people would like this oddly specific playlist, but to my surprise, some people really seem to love it.

Vauquelin’s love affair with music continues in Citizens of Shadow (Beguiled by Night Book Two), so of course I had to make a new playlist! It’s just as weird and expansive as the first one, because by now Vauquelin has even more dizzying timelines and time-slips to contend with.

The playlist is now live in time for Citizens of Shadow’s release on Thursday, 11 May 2023.