Crimson is the Night

a vampire novelette by Nicole Eigener and Beverley Lee

by | Dec 13, 2021 | News, Vampires

Independent horror authors Beverley Lee and Nicole Eigener have brought their vampire worlds together in a new novelette, Crimson is the Night, featuring characters from Lee’s Gabriel Davenport Series and Eigener’s Beguiled by Night.

Vauquelin and Clove have never met, though they have orbited each other for centuries. Together with Clove’s Bloody Little Prophets, who are already spinning their own dark narrative, this night will see their perception of each other change. Because even those whose existence is legendary desire to know the truth.

“The idea for Crimson is the Night came out of a joint interview Beverley and I did for the Night Worms blog,” Eigener said. “An off-the-record question emerged: what if our vampires met each other? Wouldn’t we love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting? The answer was a resounding YES. So we wrote Crimson, where our vampires worlds collide. It was magic. It was kismet, meant to be. It was supposed to be a quick little anecdote story, but it turned into a Thing. Our characters were not satisfied with a mere trinket! They wanted a novelette. So we obliged, of course. Both of us were thrilled to spend more time on the page with our characters, and we’re excited to share it with those who have loved our vampire books.”

The events in Crimson is the Night take place after the end of Beguiled by Night and The Purity of Crimson (book three in the Gabriel Davenport series), and contain heavy spoilers for all books. Readers are gently encouraged to read the predecessor novels first.

The novelette will be distributed free to newsletter subscribers as an ebook beginning 12/13/2021.


Read Nicole Eigener’s Beguiled by Night: A Vampire Tale to meet Vauquelin, a vampire for the ages


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