So. One week until the next instalment of Vauquelin’s story unfolds. Please let the exquisite voice of mon bien-aimée, Beverley Lee, unfold what is to come. Trust me, you will want sound on for this, because…that voice.*

I started Citizens of Shadow in November of 2021. I hit a brick wall shortly after. I wasn’t being true to the story. I don’t plot. I don’t outline. I let the characters lead me… and Vauquelin sealed his lips. That’s not how it happens.

I took a step back and let him have the reins. That’s when the story began to unfold.

And a new character emerged… a comet. This particular comet has reverberations that are still being felt as we write.

If you follow

and I, you’ll see that she and I are authors of character-driven fiction. Characters first and foremost. Their experiences are paramount. Plot is what happens to them and not the other way around.

For an (accidentally) time-travelling, ancient vampire such as Vauquelin, how could it be any other way? He doesn’t know what will happen to him, and neither do I — until it occurs. And I am eternally his faithful scribe.

I couldn’t write any other way, pour toujours.

Fans of Beverley’s Gabriel Davenport series will be especially interested in reading Citizens of Shadow. Our vampires worlds converged in our novelette, Crimson is the Night. Turns out that wasn’t the end of our vampire conclave. Stay tuned for news on that. Rumour has it a BIG announcement is coming in October.

*Beverley: the GIF.

In other news, I had a wonderful conversation with GeanerikC on his podcast. You can listen to us geek out about time travel, sci-fi, classic horror, writing, remakes, having your dreams crushed, underdogs and how monsters are worth rooting for here:

Thank you, GeanerikC, for having me and helping me spread the word that horror (and many other genres) are too multi-faceted for one label. I hope we can do it again sometime! I love your podcast, and your model. It was such a great meeting of minds.

À bientôt…