Citizens of Shadow: A Vampire Tale

(Beguiled by Night Book 2)

by | Apr 15, 2022 | News, Vampires

Hello, friends! A huge announcement from my desk today — Beguiled by Night: A Vampire Tale is getting a Book Two.

Beguiled by Night is my debut novel, and when I was writing it, I never imagined I could write one book, let alone two! I’ve often quipped that I was just my vampire Vauquelin’s secretary, and it seems he wasn’t quite finished as he won’t leave me alone 😉

Beguiled by Night remains a standalone novel: as it was never intended to be a series or even have a sequel, readers will find completion at the end. There are no cliffhangers…but there IS more to the story, as you shall see!

Citizens of Shadow is available to add to your “Want to Read” list on Goodreads, and I would be most grateful if you would add it here.

On that note, if you have read Beguiled by Night, and if you have not yet left a review or rating, know that it is *most* appreciated. As an indie author, ratings and reviews are golden. It lets us know that people are out there, reading our books, and for that, we are grateful. Thank you for supporting independent authors. You help amplify our voices and help other readers discover our work!

I hope you will look forward to Citizens of Shadow as much as I am enjoying writing it and spending time with Vauquelin again.

Stay tuned for a cover announcement. The cover is being developed behind the veil as we speak, and it is going to be SPECTACULAR. The cover above is only temporary. All I can say is that if you loved the cover of Beguiled by Night, just WAIT until you see Citizens! As you know, vampires are fond of secrets and keeping things in the dark…

xx and happy readings!

P.S. For those who have asked, there will absolutely be a new soundtrack for Citizens of Shadow! 🖤


Prepare for Citizens of Shadow: read Nicole Eigener’s Beguiled by Night: A Vampire Tale to meet Vauquelin, a vampire for the ages


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